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Jessica receives a lot of fan mail, particularly questions from school children wanting to know a little bit more about our gold-medal winning heptathlete. So we sat down with Jess and asked her some of your questions. here are her answers!

Sophie Grey from Chesterfield asked:
“What is my favourite sport?”

“Other than athletics which I love I really enjoy watching tennis.”

Chloe Wilson also from Chesterfield asked:
“What got me interested in sport in the first place?”
“My parents took me to an athletics day where I could burn off energy and try out lots of different things – running, jumping and throwing – I had such a good time and made friends with some lovely people and was hooked.”

Halle Black asked:
“What made me want to be an Olympian?”
“Once I had chosen to do athletics winning gold in the Olympics is the highest achievement you can reach. I wanted to be the best so I set my sights on being chosen to compete and the Olympics and win gold.”

Missy Hanrahan from Doncaster, asked me for advice on finding the best clubs to go to:
“Check out  –
This will help with finding local information and grassroots activity.”

Gabrielle Sellars from Chesterfield, Derbyshire asked me:
“What do I love most about being an athlete?”
“I think it has to be winning events after years of hard training! I get a lot of pleasure out of being active and love what I do as a job.”

Megan Hall from Chesterfield too! She asked me:
“What is my favourite game?
“In the heptathlon it is 100m hurdles that are my favourite!”

Thanks for all the questions, I’ll be answering more in the coming months!

– Jess


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