Fan Mail – Missing the Commonwealth Games?

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More of your questions answered by Jessica.

Melody Smithson from Northamption asked me:
“Are you sad to miss the Commonwealth Games?”
“I am a little sad to miss them but I am also excited because Andy and I will be having our first child. I will be watching and cheering everyone one!”

Drew Anglesea from Rotherham asked me:
“What has been the most exciting competition I have done?”
“The London Olympic Games by far – the crowd were just incredible and made so much noise. It was so good to compete with all the cheering!”

Alexandra Wilkinson of Gerrards Cross asked:
“Who is my inspiration?”
“When I was a young heptathlete I looked up to Denise Lewis who won gold in heptathlon at the Sydney Olympics.”

Bella Tondina of Sevenoaks has asked?
“What is the longest distance I have thrown the javelin?”
“My personal best for the Javelin is 48.33m.  Good luck Bella with your javelin!”

Ruby Brown from Hildenborough, Kent asked:
“What inspired you to be an athlete?”
“I was introduced to heptathlon by my coach when I was 13 after attending an athletics club and have never looked back.”

Sadie Sinclair from Bodmin asked:
“What other sport do I do?”
“I actually don’t have any time to do another sport but if I did I would play tennis!”

Hope you like my answers, send me some more and I’ll post again soon.

– Jess


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