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School children often write to Jessica asking her all sorts of questions. Here are a few of the recent ones with Jessica’s answers!

Jake Black of Cockermouth, Cumbria asked:
“When you were young were you good at any sport or did you go to classes and do you practice every day?”
“When I was young I tried out lots of sports and I think it is good to do this to find out what you are best at and what you enjoy the most. I had a coach so he trained me to get better. Now I train twice a day 6 days a week to make sure I improve as much as possible.”

Isla from Stornoway primary asked me:
“How do I feel about missing the Commonwealth Games this year?”
“I am sad not to be there competing as I would have loved to compete in Glasgow, but I am having my first child so am very excited about that!”

Abby Palmer-Fulton from St Neots has asked:
“How did it feel to win a gold medal at the Olympics?”
“It was a massive relief as I wanted to win so badly and to actually win was amazing!”

Madelaine Willmot of Tonbridge, Kent has asked:
“Do I find it hard to jump over hurdles?”
“I train to clear the hurdles and do lots of exercises to make sure I can clear them and have fast feet between them, so no I don’t find it hard, but to be really good at doing them fast I have to do a lot of training.”

Harriet from Hellingly East Sussex asked:
“What is my favourite Olympic Sport”?
“I am going to have to say Athletics – as I compete in it, but I do really like to watch the tennis too!”

– Jess


Jess will be back with more answers or advice in the coming months. Watch this space!


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