Fan Mail – Yes I have met Michael Phelps!

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Here are some more of your questions answered by Jessica.

Kirsty from Hong Kong asked me:

“Thanks for the lovely letter – sorry I wont be coming to Hong Kong anytime soon, but let me answer a question or two.”

“Have I met Michael Phelps?”
“Yes I have met Michaell Phelps we were both interviewed by CNN at the Olympics one after the other – he is very tall!”

“When I stepped out on to the track in London in 2012 I tried to just focus on the hurdles – I could see the amazing crowd but I kept my focus on what I had to do on the track.”  

“And finally Chell is still coaching the same group and lots of them are doing really well too.”

Billie from Chatham:
“I just want to say thank you for your lovely letter and keep up all the sports – you are doing really well.”

Jemma from Exeter – what amazing hand writing you have.
“You asked if I find it hard to train for all the disciplines?”
“The answer is yes it is hard but I have been doing it for a while now and I am in a routine.  I am really looking forward to Rio – I have just started training with that as my focus.”

Ella from Exeter:
“I like that you say you are my biggest fan!  My favourite discipline in the heptathlon has to be the hurdles – If I did another sport it may be tennis but right now I have no time.”

Jaimee and Jessica from Harrow international School in Hong Kong:
” love the letters (great handwriting) and drawings of ice creams – thank you.  A few answers to your questions”
“Yes I have a little baby boy Reggie and I have a chocolate Labrador called Myla.” 


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