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Jessica Ennis-Hill to get 2011 Worlds gold after Chernova results annulled

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Britain’s Jessica Ennis-Hill is “so happy” she will be awarded her third World Championship heptathlon gold medal, after Tatyana Chernova was stripped of the 2011 title.
Russia’s Chernova, 28, who won gold ahead of Ennis-Hill, has had her results annulled for doping.
Ennis-Hill, 30, wrote on Instagram:

“Triple world champion. Wow!”

Chernova was banned in 2015 for two years for doping, and stripped of two years of results, up to 14 August 2011.
The Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) now says she must forfeit the world title she won two weeks later.
It comes after an analysis of her biological passport, dating back to 2009.

Cas has imposed an additional ban, and added: “All results between 15 August 2011 and 22 July 2013 are annulled and the athlete will forfeit any titles, awards, medals, points and prize and appearance money obtained during this period.”
Ennis-Hill posted a photograph on her Instagram account of Chernova celebrating after the final event of the 2011 heptathlon, the 800m.

She wrote: “This image was forever imprinted in my mind. However, much it drove me on for what I was about to achieve at my first Olympics in London, in my heart I just knew it was wrong.”

Ennis-Hill’s former coach Toni Minichiello told BBC Radio 5 live: “I think you have suspicions but you keep moving forward.
“This is what athletics has to go through. The retesting and reallocating [of final positions] is good for the sport.”
He added: “It’s a late birthday present for me and an early Christmas present for Jess.”

Germany’s Jennifer Oeser, who won bronze in 2011, is set to be promoted to silver, with Poland’s Karolina Tyminska in line to take the bronze.

Oeser and Tyminska to be upgraded
The records will have to change for London 2012 Olympics too, Lithuania’s Austra Skujyte is set to be given the Olympic bronze, having finished fourth behind third-placed Chernova. Ennis-Hill won gold.

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