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Jessica Ennis-Hill Talks Inspiration, Star Wars and What Makes Britain GREAT

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Jessica Ennis-Hill is an inspiration to young generations worldwide. But where does Jess take her inspiration from?

As part of a new campaign Star Wars: Made GREAT in Britain, Jess talks about the inspiring aspects of the iconic saga’s latest release.

Made in Great Britain; Star Wars: The Force Awakens involves British talent both on the screen and behind the scenes. As Jess mentions in the short video, Briton Roger Christian is the extremely talented and creative mind behind one of the most iconic props of the Star Wars franchise; the Lightsaber.

Jess also takes inspiration from the strong characters on the screen. She thinks Obe Wan is a skilled and amazing mentor, as well as feeling she can relate to the strong female lead protagonist, Rey. She feels Rey shares a similar story to herself, having realised at a young age that she has a natural talent for something and being nurtured by the people around her, allowing her to flourish and grow.

If you want to know more about what inspires Jess, what she enjoys about the film and who she thinks would make the cut for the Star Wars Olympics, you can watch the full video below:

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