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Jess inspires digital artwork

Post 28 August 2012 By In Latest News Round Up
Jess inspires digital artwork Tom Hart

It seems that Jessica Ennis' achievements at the Olympics continue to inspire in many forms. Artists like Pete McKee have produced works in honour of Jess and so has Tom Hart, a 24 year old designer from Coventry.

Tom creates digital artworks of topical figures in pop culture. The digital artworks can take a day or two to complete depending on the complexity or level of detail and is basically a process of building an overall image out of random shapes, it was a technique he first did by hand in sketchbooks back in school. A couple years ago he stumbled across one of the old sketch books and felt he could evolve the idea which has grown from there.


Tom says he's done artworks of Jess before, and state that he finds her to be an extremely inspiring individual.

This artwork of Jess came about largely down to the fact that his TiVo didn't record Jess's final event and so at moment she crossed the line with her arms spread, with an almost tangible moment of "I've done it",  he says he knew there and then it was going to be an iconic image of the games.

To relieve the disappointment that the TiVo hadn't recorded he decided the best way to relive it and capture it would be to do the artwork.

Tom said; "Not only is the artwork for myself but in some ways it's also to Jess as a thank you for providing us all with a timeless sporting moment."

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