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Fan Mail – How often do I train?

December 18th, 2014 Posted by Fan Mail No Comment yet

Every month Jessica answers some of your questions. And we publish them right here!

Franziska from Dublin started athletics aged 8 after watching me compete. She asked:

“How often I train?”
“I train twice a day, six days a week. But when you are  young attending athletics club is a great way to develop.”

Maisie from Hitchin asked me lots of questions as part of her homework assignment:

“Do I get homesick when I am away at competitions.”
“I definitely  miss my husband, and now I will have to leave Reggie at home too which will be hard.  You also asked if I want Reggie to do athletics – I want him to try lots of different sports  – but I wont be a pushy mum.”

Kyle from Highbury, aged 7 wrote a very lovely letter:

“It sounds as though you are doing all the right things towards being an athlete – stick at it and your coaches will guide you.”

Emma from Hythe – asked me about choosing a sport – she does swimming and running:

“I would say at 11 keep doing lots of different sports and you will find out which one you like the most. PS love the drawing of me!”

And finally a BIG thanks to Alice for this lovely heart picture Christmas card!


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