World-class training plans made easy


Jessica has created a new fitness app under the banner - Jennis. Giving members never seen before access to her personal fitness methods through expert training programmes and wellness advice. To be used in the comfort of your own home or gym.

At launch Jennis will offer users two options:



Specially created 30 minutes workouts (including warm up and cool down), led by Jessica. Olympic inspired training made accessible for all. Workouts are around 20 minutes and high intensity.

“Time to train is really precious when you are busy. I try to grab around three 20-minute sessions per week and they have to be intense and effective, this is the training concept we have built jennis around. I hope that everyone who uses jennis will enjoy the fitness programmes we have created as much as I do.”

Pregnancy & Post natal

Fitness programmes led by Jessica tailored to each trimester, for all levels of fitness and specially created post-natal fitness programmes. Designed to help support pregnant women with unrivalled expert wellness and exercise advice both during and after pregnancy. Workouts include strength and conditioning, pregnacise, yoga and meditation.

“The jennis pregnancy programme was inspired by my belief that all pregnant women should have the access to the same information and expertise as I had  thanks to the incredible experts who worked with me.”


I was lucky enough to train with the best in the world, and I want to share that health and fitness expertise in a way that’s realistic and achievable.
— Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

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