Jessica to launch new fitness app jennis

Giving members never seen before access to Jessica and her personal fitness methods through expert training programmes and wellness advice. To be used in the comfort of your own home or gym.

jennis is the new fitness app and website which will provide never seen before insight on the ‘real’ Dame Jessica Ennis Hill, the busy working Mum and fitness lover - going beyond the Olympian, World Champion, TV commentator and adidas ambassador we already love and know so well. Born out of a desire from Jessica to share with the world the unique support and training she had as a professional athlete and a Mum, jennis has been created to provide a one-stop destination where Jessica can share her unrivalled exercise and wellness expertise – all wrapped up with the honesty, simplicity and humour that defines her personality.

jennis will take members behind the scenes of Jessica’s life and offer users workouts with Jessica, her friends and some of the world class experts who she has been fortunate to work with over her years as a professional athlete. jennis will also offer unique wellness and lifestyle content from market leading experts covering nutrition, mental health, wellness and more.

At launch jennis will offer users two options:


·       JENNIS PREGNANCY & POST NATAL - specially created fitness programmes led by Jessica tailored to each trimester, for all levels of fitness and specially created post-natal fitness programmes. Designed to help support a community of pregnant women with unrivalled expert wellness and exercise advice both during and after pregnancy. Workouts include Pilates, strength and conditioning and yoga.


Dame Jessica Ennis Hill says, “The jennis pregnancy programme was inspired by my belief that all pregnant women should have the access to the same information and expertise as I had  thanks to the incredible experts who worked with me.”


·       JENNIS FITNESS - specially created 30 minutes workouts (including warm up and cool down), led by Jessica. Olympic inspired training made accessible for all. Workouts include strength and conditioning, Pilates and yoga.

Dame Jessica Ennis Hill says, “Time to train is really precious when you are busy. I try to grab around three 20-minute sessions per week and they have to be intense and effective, this is the training concept we have built jennis around. I hope that everyone who uses jennis will enjoy the fitness programmes we have created as much as I do.”


jennis will launch globally on Monday 10th June. Further details will be revealed in coming weeks.


For further details, images and interview requests please contact Luxley Communications: / Tel: 0208 405 6340

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Jess becomes first inductee into BUCS Hall of Fame

The nominations process for the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) Hall of Fame has entered its final two weeks.

The Hall of Fame is being launched as part of the BUCS centenary celebrations this year, with the organisation planning to recognise the achievements of athletes, coaches and support staff.

BUCS confirmed last month that Jessica Ennis-Hill had become the first inductee into the Hall of Fame.

Ennis-Hill attended the University of Sheffield and won a bronze medal in the heptathlon at the 2005 Summer Universiade at Izmir in Turkey.

She went on to secure Olympic gold at London 2012 having been the face of Games, before winning silver at Rio 2016.

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My granddad made a huge difference to my career
Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 17.24.27.png

Former Olympic gold medallist and world champion Jessica Ennis-Hill tells BBC Breakfast why her granddad is her Unsung Hero.

The BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero award returns to celebrate volunteers who dedicate their free time to help people participate in grassroots sports and fitness activities.

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Practising interview questions on Reggie
Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 14.22.30.png

Jessica Ennis-Hill has been practising her latest sporting role at home by subjecting her four-year-old son to sudden bursts of adjectives about the most inspiring sporting moments of the year. The 2012 Olympic heptathlon champion has turned sports presenter and her first show will be broadcast this evening.

“It’s completely out of my comfort zone,” she says, so she used her son as a stand-in audience. “I’ve been practising on my little boy Reggie at home, delivering random lines about sport and what happened this year and he’s kind of like, ‘Mummy, what are you talking about? What are you doing?’ And I’m saying,

‘Do I sound good?’ ”

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Interviewing England football manager for BBC SPOTY 2018
Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 14.17.21.png

Gareth Southgate says that the disappointment of England's World Cup semi-final defeat "will always be there - until we go on and win something".

In a BBC interview with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, manager Southgate said that the Three Lions "weren't quite ready to win" in Russia.

"We had been on a brilliant journey together," he said.

"Maybe we weren't quite ready to win collectively at that moment but there is a platform for us to build on."

The interview will be aired on Tuesday during Sports Personality 2018: A Great Sporting Year (22:45 GMT, BBC One and iPlayer).

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Dame Jess Ennis-Hill on leaving her sport on a high

She is a world-class sports star with two Olympic medals to her name and an enviable set of abs to boot. So it may come as a surprise that two years after retiring Dame Jess Ennis-Hill doesn’t miss being an athlete.

“Being an athlete you’re constantly under pressure to perform and have got to meet goals all the time,”

“I’ve been doing bits of commentary with the BBC and sometimes for a second I think it would be nice to compete again. But then I remember all the training, the injuries, the stress and I don’t miss that. I don’t feel like I need to compete again.”

Jess soared to fame as the poster girl for the London 2012 Olympics, where she won a gold medal in the heptathlon. But Jess, who first got into athletics when she was nine, admits she took up the sport quite by accident.

“My mum and dad took me to a summer camp in the holidays at our local track. I think they just wanted to get rid of me and my younger sister Carmel for a couple of weeks”

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'Surreal' moment of receiving re-allocated gold in front of home fans
Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 17.28.55.png

A tearful Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill declared there could have been no better place than a packed London Stadium to receive her re-allocated World Championships gold medal.

Ennis-Hill was finally presented with the 2011 heptathlon title robbed from her in Daegu by Russian drugs cheat Tatyana Chernova in the build-up to the scene of her fairytale triumph at London 2012.

This year’s worlds had already witnessed several such medal ceremonies for the likes of Jo Pavey and Christine Ohuruogu but the recently-retired queen of British athletics proved the most popular recipient of all.

Almost five years to the day since she stood atop the podium at the same venue after winning Olympic gold, a visibly moved Ennis-Hill admitted it was both “really special” and “very surreal” to do so once more.

Heavily pregnant with her second child and with her son, Reggie, looking on, the 31-year-old said of her second of three world golds: “It obviously feels amazing. I would loved to have had it at the time but there couldn’t have been a better place bar having it at that actual moment.

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